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Since the establishment, Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has regarded “Good service lead the clients become business masters” as its service concept. We work hard to gain the trust and loyalty of our clients by providing them high-quality and efficient products and also all around-way services. As a pledge of service, we are always ready and will make every effort for our clients.


Pre-sale service:
To devote ourselves as a good adviser and assistant of clients; provide clients with high added value products.
Select appropriate equipment model based on client’s purpose;
Design and manufacture products according to client’s special requirement;
On site inspection of workshops are welcome.
Train technical personnel for clients;
Ensure the purchased products are delivered on time;
Layout and equipment foundation plan are provided in order to solve any technical problems.


After-sale service:
Act as consultants to fine-tune equipment systems and provide technical advice to maximize our equipment performance.
Professional technicians are assigned to install, debug the equipment;
Train the client’s operation staff on site;
Examine the equipment regularly;
Distribute the guarantee fitting door-to-door;
Provide technical exchanging;
Provide maintenance for selected items.

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